People and Business in Sondhwa

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Name Address
Thakur Onkar Singh Sondw Thakur Onkar Singh
B.r.c.c. Block Sondwa Sond B.r.c.c. Block Sondwa
Hemlata Mori 94,walpur Ro Hemlata Mori 94, Walp
Ratan Singh S/o Sinla Dawar Ratan Singh S/o Sinla
Chief Muncipal Officer Janpa Chief Muncipal Officer
Gyan Dev T/m Telephone Excha Gyan Dev T/m Telephone
Rakesh S/o Mohan Dodwa Bazar Rakesh S/o Mohan Dodwa
Complant , Enquiry Telephone Complant , Enquiry Tele
Dammarsingh M. Dawar Gram-be Dammarsingh M. Dawar Gr
Gyarsa Bhai Gram-gulwat Varl Gyarsa Bhai Gram gulwat
Kumariya Chhabra Gram-khamal Kumariya Chhabra Gram k
Madhu Dhudariya Mandloi Holi Madhu Dhudariya Mandloi
Madhurima Rathore Bus Stand Madhurima Rathore Bus S
Praveen Nigwal Front Of Holi Praveen Nigwal Front Of
Shivnarayan Vani Bus Stand Shivnarayan Vani Bus St
Shyam S/o Onkar Singh Shyam S/o Onkar Singh P
Bhadiya S/o Foolji Dawar Behin Bhadiya S/o Foolji Dawar
Deepak S/o Laxmi Narayan Ratho Deepak S/o Laxmi Narayan
Gambhir Singh S/o Khajan Singh Gambhir Singh S/o Khajan
Gayatri Joshi W/o Suresh Chand Gayatri Joshi W/o Suresh
Gourav S/o Semuyal Tomar Behin Gourav S/o Semuyal Tomar
Junior Engineer M.p.e.b. Umara Junior Engineer M.p.e.b.
Kansingh Kanesh S/o Shri Ramsi Kansingh Kanesh S/o Shri
Khajan Singh S/o Nandaji Nargo Khajan Singh S/o Nandaji
Magansingh S/o Bhalsingh Maida Magansingh S/o Bhalsingh
Mukesh Kumar S/o Shivaji Roa J Mukesh Kumar S/o Shivaji
Prem Sukh S/o Rashik Lal Ji Ge Prem Sukh S/o Rashik Lal
Rakesh S/o Sheshav Rawat Bazar Rakesh S/o Sheshav Rawat
Shankar Singh S/o Ziniyz Ji Yo Shankar Singh S/o Ziniyz
Shantilal Dawar S/o Shri Chup Shantilal Dawar S/o Shri
Sumaria Pita Basia Dawar Pat Sumaria Pita Basia Dawar
Surpal Singh S/o Dursiya Solan Surpal Singh S/o Dursiya
The Branch Manager, Bank Of B The Branch Manager, Bank
The Thana Incharge, Police Th The Thana Incharge, Poli
Vaibhav Kumar S/o Sanjay Kumar Vaibhav Kumar S/o Sanjay
Virendra Singh S/o Ratan Singh Virendra Singh S/o Ratan
Anil S/o J.l. Solanki Behind B Anil S/o J.l. Solanki Beh
Antri W/o Shri Gumansingh Bhyd Antri W/o Shri Gumansingh
Arjun Singh Shwarajya Singh El Arjun Singh Shwarajya Sin
Asha Gehlot D/o Dilip Singh Ge Asha Gehlot D/o Dilip Sin
Badda S/o Lalsingh Sastiya Bor Badda S/o Lalsingh Sastiy
Ballu S/o Jangadiya Verma Pate Ballu S/o Jangadiya Verma
Beni Dayal S/o Sildar Singh So Beni Dayal S/o Sildar Sin
Bhavesh Kumar S/o Dhannalal Pa Bhavesh Kumar S/o Dhannal
Bhur Singh Lohariya S/o Jurla Bhur Singh Lohariya S/o J
Bisen Singh S/o Dukal Singh Bu Bisen Singh S/o Dukal Sin
Chagan Rayal Sastiya Pujara Fa Chagan Rayal Sastiya Puja
Dashrat Singh S/o Bheem Singh Dashrat Singh S/o Bheem S
Dharmendra S/o Bapu Singh Chou Dharmendra S/o Bapu Singh
Dhovliya S/o Ola Dodwa Near Fo Dhovliya S/o Ola Dodwa Ne