People and Business in Rajpur

Rajpur is a city in India. Bomida.In has a database of 3626 names with address in detail so that you can contact for a business or realtion or friendship you are searching for.

Name Address
Vpt Dewala Vpt Dewala
C.t.x. Thikri C.t.x. Thikri
G P T Bhulgaon G P T Bhulgaon
G.p.t.balsamund G.p.t.balsamund
Marr Bajad Ozar Marr Bajad Ozar
C.t.x. Nagalwadi C.t.x. Nagalwadi
G.p.t.khurampura G.p.t.khurampura
G P T Marr Nihali G P T Marr Nihali
C.t.x. Ctx Ctx Xtx C.t.x. Ctx Ctx Xtx
V.p.t. Gram-bandra V.p.t. Gram bandra Gram- Khauri Gram Khauri
V.p.t. Gram- Nalway V.p.t. Gram Nalway
V.p.t. Gram-phaliya V.p.t. Gram phaliya
Fatyapur Talwada Deb Fatyapur Talwada Deb
V.p.t. Gram- Ranipura V.p.t. Gram Ranipura
V.p.t. Gram-nagalwadi V.p.t. Gram nagalwadi
V.p.t. Gram-palaspani V.p.t. Gram palaspani
G P T Lingwa Julwaniya G P T Lingwa Julwaniya
V.p.t. Gram-pipari-deb V.p.t. Gram pipari deb
Krishi Upaj Mandi Ajnad Krishi Upaj Mandi Ajnad
Police Station Julwania Police Station Julwania
V.p.t. Gram-talwada-deb V.p.t. Gram talwada deb
O.h.p.c.o Takli Khargone O.h.p.c.o Takli Khargone
Than Marr Paco Julwaniya Than Marr Paco Julwaniya
T.t.a. Anj V.k.dalal Anj T.t.a. Anj V.k.dalal Anj
Aangan Wadi Morgun Rajpur Aangan Wadi Morgun Rajpur
Telephone Exchange Palsud Telephone Exchange Palsud
Telephone Exchenge Rajpur Telephone Exchenge Rajpur
Vishwakarma Arun Mandwada Vishwakarma Arun Mandwada
G.p.t.laphangaon Nagalwadi G.p.t.laphangaon Nagalwadi
Police Control Room Rajpur Police Control Room Rajpur
Post Office P C O Menimata Post Office P C O Menimata
Gram Panchayat Bagwa Thikri Gram Panchayat Bagwa Thikri
Khan Firoj Bus-stand Rajpur Khan Firoj Bus stand Rajpur
Shau Rajanikant Gram- Ozhar Shau Rajanikant Gram Ozhar
Shri Hiralal Lalji Kag Sali Shri Hiralal Lalji Kag Sali
Shri J.t.o. Thikari Thikari Shri J.t.o. Thikari Thikari
Shri Khatri Daudji Manimata Shri Khatri Daudji Manimata
Telephone Exchenge Mandwada Telephone Exchenge Mandwada
Co-operative Bank, Julwaniya Co operative Bank, Julwaniya
Gram Panchayat Segwal Thikri Gram Panchayat Segwal Thikri
Jain Jitendra M.g.road Anjad Jain Jitendra M.g.road Anjad
Kag Badrilal Kanhiyalal Sali Kag Badrilal Kanhiyalal Sali
V.p.t. Gram-ozhar Post-ozhar V.p.t. Gram ozhar Post ozhar
Carriar, Anjad Distt.khargone Carriar, Anjad Distt.khargone
Gram Panchyai Gawla Julwaniya Gram Panchyai Gawla Julwaniya
Mandloi Raja Bus Stend Anjand Mandloi Raja Bus Stend Anjand
Pco.sali Sali, Distt.khargone Pco.sali Sali, Distt.khargone
Shri Akhilesh Jaiswal Palso Shri Akhilesh Jaiswal Palsood
Sri Bhupesh Saklecha Naglwadi Sri Bhupesh Saklecha Naglwadi