People and Business in Petlawad

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Name Address
Petlawad 0 Petlawad 0
Nanka Barvet 0 Nanka Barvet 0
Purshottam Pappu S/ Purshottam Pappu
Telephone Exchange Petla Telephone Exchange
Babulal Gamad Petlawad 0 Babulal Gamad Petla
Development Officer 177,n Development Officer
Dhanji Lalji Muniya Rayp Dhanji Lalji Muniya
Babulal Vill. - Beda Khoi Babulal Vill. Beda
Dhamu Vill. Dhanpura Petla Dhamu Vill. Dhanpura
Dula Vill. Chawariya Saran Dula Vill. Chawariya
Kanji Bhgwan Patidar Rai Kanji Bhgwan Patidar
Kodar Vill.bhagetiya Saran Kodar Vill.bhagetiya
Sham Bhai Vill.gamdi Saran Sham Bhai Vill.gamdi
Sukla Vill. Bari Gon Petla Sukla Vill. Bari Gon
Ajit Kumar Gadiya S/o Shant Ajit Kumar Gadiya S/o
Ambaram Kanwara Damar Garw Ambaram Kanwara Damar
A.r.khan Vill.kotda Khawas A.r.khan Vill.kotda K
Babulal Raju Muniya Roopga Babulal Raju Muniya R
Badar Bhabor Gram Naranda Badar Bhabor Gram Nar
Bhaskar S/o Ganga Ram Ji Bh Bhaskar S/o Ganga Ram
Bheru Vill. Dadiya Petlawa Bheru Vill. Dadiya Pe
Bogji Vill.devgarh Sarangi Bogji Vill.devgarh Sa
Dulakhedi Vill. - Dula Khe Dulakhedi Vill. Dul
Gajendra Vill.devgarh Khaw Gajendra Vill.devgarh
Geliya Vill.runji Sarangi Geliya Vill.runji Sar
Goba S/o Kalu Mali Zaknawa Goba S/o Kalu Mali Za
Goutam S/o Thakur Das Vishv Goutam S/o Thakur Das
Junior Engineer M.p.e.boar Junior Engineer M.p.e
Kailash Vill.sadera Khawas Kailash Vill.sadera K
Kalji Vill. Govind Pura Pe Kalji Vill. Govind Pu
Kanhaiyalal S/o Nanda Ji Ka Kanhaiyalal S/o Nanda
Kaniram Vill.undawa Sarang Kaniram Vill.undawa S
Makna Vill.thikhipada Sara Makna Vill.thikhipada
Mandiya Vill.kundli Sarang Mandiya Vill.kundli S
Manoj Jany S/o Mahesh Jany Manoj Jany S/o Mahesh
Melind Mehta 61,jawahar M Melind Mehta 61, Jawa
Nagu Vill.mor Sarangi 0 Nagu Vill.mor Sarangi
Nathu Vill. Borpada Barbet Nathu Vill. Borpada B
Nathu Vill.kasadiy Khawasa Nathu Vill.kasadiy Kh
Nathurao S/o Bansilal Petl Nathurao S/o Bansilal
Nitin S/o Lunchand Ji Chatt Nitin S/o Lunchand Ji
Onkar Lal Vill. Kesar Pura Onkar Lal Vill. Kesar
Pradip Kumar Kumrawat S/o B Pradip Kumar Kumrawat
Prakash S/o Nemichand Sanka Prakash S/o Nemichand
Raghu Vill. Kundali Barbet Raghu Vill. Kundali B
Rahulkumar S/o Suresh Chand Rahulkumar S/o Suresh
Rajesh Kumar Bhandari 14, Rajesh Kumar Bhandari
Ramesh Vill. - Moi Bageli Ramesh Vill. Moi Ba
Rameshwer S/o Ambalal Dvive Rameshwer S/o Ambalal
Ratan Bucha Khapad Mokampu Ratan Bucha Khapad Mo