People and Business in Chandipara

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Name Address
Ashoka Electrical C./o. Santosh Kumar Chandipara,
Electrical Chandipara,
Jawahar Cloth Stores Chandipara,
Manish Kumar Agrawal Chandipara,
Motilal Sahu Chandipara,
Mukim Chips Udyog Prop. Gopal Mukim Chandipara,
Omprakash Agrawal Chandipara,
Ram Narnalia Chandipara,
Sailendra Kumar Kesharwani Chandipara,
Store Chandipara,
Telephone Exchange Chandipara,
V,p,t, Chandipara,
V.p.t. Pamgarh Chandipara,
Asha Sultania P.o., Shivrinarayan., Chandipara, 495557
Manrakhan Yadav, Janjgir, Vill salkhon, Chandipara, 495002
The Sub Health Centre Chandipara - Chandipara, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, 495554
Pradeep Kumar Soni Bhoga Para, Seorinarayan, Chandipara, 495557
Putpura V,p,t, Putpura V,p,t, Tilaitilai, Chandipara, 495002
Jaipal Singh Via, Pamgarh, Vill, Dighora, Chandipara, 495002
Shri B L Kedia Sheorinarayanjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495557
Sukhdeo Singh Parihar Pamgharh Block, Vill, Kesla, Chandipara, 495002
Chhabilal Sahu Janjgir Champa, Vill, Godhna, Chandipara, 495002
M,a,r,r, V,p,t, Baloda Block, Vill, Hedaspur, Chandipara, 495002
Munnalal Suryawanshi Janjgir champa, Vill, Mekari, Chandipara, 495002
State Bank Of India Pamgarh, State Bank Of India, Chandipara, 495554
Telephone Exchange Rahod-switch Room Rahod, Janjgirjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495668
The Sub Health Centre Tarod - Tarod, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495554
Shri Gopal Prasad Jaiswal Bahtara Bilaspur ,cg, Bahtara, Chandipara, 495002
Sitaram Bramhe Pamgarh Block, Vill, Kheridih, Chandipara, 495002
The Sub Health Centre Raseda - Raseda, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495554
Kashyap Vill Rahaud, ,bus Stand,rahod, Chandipara, 945556
Mukesh Kumar Agrawal Janjgir Champa, Vill, Bhuigaon, Chandipara, 495002
The Sub Health Centre Kera - , Sheorinarayanjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495557
V,p,t, Vill, Bhainso Pamgarh, Pamgarh, Chandipara, 495002
Love Kumar Tiwari, Tah pamgarh, Bargaon Janjgirc,g, Chandipara, 495002
The Primary Health Centre Nariyara - Nariyara, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495554
M/s Branch Manager State Bank Of India N Pamgarh, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495554
Abhishake Singh Distt janjgir, Vill dhan Gaon C,g, Chandipara, 495002
Chand Ram Kashyap Via, Sheorinarayan, Vill, T U R I, Chandipara, 495002
Chandrahas Singh Distt janjgir, Vill mahant (c,g,), Chandipara, 495002
Enq , Complaint Telephone Xge Telephone Exchange Kharod, Kharod, Chandipara, 495002
Keshw Kumar Kashyap N N, Rahaud Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495002
Mr, Kishan Rao-p,m, Sdot Naila, Janjgirjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495668
Mr, Shailkumar Sribas Spo Bhadra, Pamgarhjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495554
M,s Telephone Exchange Pamgarh-- Tele, Exch, Janjgirjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495668
Pamgarh Beo Office, ,block Office,pamgarh, Chandipara, 495554
Shri Tuka Ram Shukla P.o. Rahod, Janjgirjanjgir champa, Chandipara, 495668
Anant House No 128 / A, ,bus Stand,rahod, Chandipara, 945556
Deo Prasad Kesharwani Po.sheorinarayan, Po.sheorinarayan, Chandipara, 495557
V,p,t, Vill, S O L O N I Pamgarh, Pamgarh, Chandipara, 495002